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Weekly Tarot scope May 30 – June 0

Weekly Tarot scope May 30 – June 0


Love - Judgement
Career - Queen of Swords
Look at all past versions of yourself and be proud of how you have turned every obstacle into opportunity. A financial breakthrough is coming. Keep working. You are so close to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Love – Page of Pentacles
Career – Three of Pentacles
Money is what is on your mind, and you are dealing with a lot to make sure that you can provide for your family and yourself. If you are looking for an opportunity, new ones will come up, but currently none seems to be suitable so stay put and keep searching

Love – Seven of Pentacles
Career – Eight of Pentacles
Stop looking at the past as it is over. No matter how good it was it is in the past for a reason. This is the time when you should soul search and reflect ti find the direction of your life. There is no substitute for hard work, so make sure that your actions match your words.

Love – Knight of Swords
Career – Two of Cups
You are feeling the pressure and helplessness. However it is you yourself who is keeping you in this situation, don’t tie your happiness to another person. Learn to depend more on yourself. Be careful of what you say because harsh words will have consequences.

Love – Page of Cups
Career – Ace of Cups
Be ready to respond to opportunities. You can now receive all that you would have wished for, though it may appear in a way you had not expected. This is the time to expect the unexpected. Remember to keep the balance between home and office life.
Love – The Chariot
Career – Six of Swords
Last minute changes in plan and surprises are likely to happen at this time. So get involved and enjoy the process. Ask for blessings for the Lady Luck as she will send you the extra good fortune to help you in your endeavours. You are in the driver’s seat this week.

Love – Four of Cups
Career – Five of Pentacles
A lot of the things which you were waiting for are coming to you. There are new ways of income, business will be booming for you and you finally be upgrading your lifestyle. This is the time for miracles and you deserve every bit of it.

Love – Six of Cups
Career – Five of Wands
After all the hard work you have put in over the last year, your dreams are unfolding faster than ever before. Congratulations for believing in your dream and staying true to yourself. It has not been an easy journey but you’re so connected and supported by the universe.

Love – Ten of Pentacles
Career – King of Swords
I am feeling that many of you will be recognized for the sacrifices and the risks without ever giving up. You believed in the impossible and now beautiful possibilities are opening up for you. Stay humble as you accept all the compliments.

Love – Four of Wands
Career – The Tower
Are you being too hard on yourself? Let go of the need to do everything perfectly. You have set such high standards for yourself that you are not able to accomplish anything for yourself. Your angels ask you to identify all the ways in which you put so much pressure on yourself. They remind you to be kind to yourself as you are perfect the way you.

Love – Six of Pentacles
Career – Ten of Swords
Have you lost your compassion for humanity, it seems you are focussing too much on yourself and your needs while ignoring those who might be more needy that you. Your angels remind you to spend more time uplifting and giving to people around you rather than seeing the bad, see beauty and good in everything and everyone. This will give you so much happiness and joy.

Love – Five of Cups
Career – Queen of Cups
I see that you have to make a major decision and you are unsure of which way to go. Do not second guess yourself, let go of all your fears, hand it over to God and ask for your highest good to unfold. Even if the outcome is not what you expected, know that it is part of God’s big plan for you.

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