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Weekly Tarot prediction 23 May to 29 May

Weekly Tarot prediction 23 May to 29 May

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections

Week May 23 – 29


This week some of you are voluntarily moving away from all that you have created. This could be a job, relationship or even your house. Now is the time to jump into action even though the path ahead seems to be rocky and full of obstacles. Allow yourself to connect to the abundant universal energy that is available to all of us. It will bring you wisdom, faith and the courage to lead an amazing life


If you are feeling that you have been pushed to your limit, it’s because it’s time to change your approach. You have outgrown people and friendships and it might be time to let them go. Change can be good so don’t tense up and worry. Sometimes life is good and sometimes it is not, so stay calm. Be aware of your words as words once spoken cannot be taken back and can cause great disharmony and distrust.


You write your own story Gemini this week. Make the decisions which are the best for you. It does not matter what others think and feel about it. Direct all your attention and focus to that which has the highest potential to give you the best. You may need to seek a new mentor or teacher who can shed light and bring in a new perspective, listen to them but ultimately make your own decision. The keys of destiny are right in front of you, make sure to grab the right one.


This week seems to be a culmination of all your wishes being fulfilled. There are happy times ahead, a time a great contentment and enjoyment and you can happily look to the future. Remember to stay humble and give to those who are not as fortunate as you are because the more, we give the more our blessings multiply. Anything is possible now hence aim higher.


Sometimes when we are about to make a decision, we are looking at external sources to give us direction we need to take, whereas you should take full responsibilities for all that happens in your life. You can empower or disempower yourself as the answers are found within. You are not a helpless being thrown around by circumstances or situations, you are a divine being who can do and have whatever you choose. So choose wisely


Money has been a lot on your mind lately and money is coming. You are advised to network with both old and new contacts. The one biggest change you need to make is to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. I am also being made aware of a new person who may become a mentor and guide you especially in business. It’s time to take calculated risks



You have been working really hard and it seems it is all work and no play. This week seems to be easy and relaxed as you finally focus on family and leisure. I see some of you moving into a new house which you might have even bought. I am also seeing get together with friends and colleagues to celebrate an end to a difficult project. Enjoy this time of relative ease. Your angels want to remind you that life is not a competition and there is great value in taking a time out.


Sometimes we feel that we have come to the end of the road and cannot go any further. Your angels are here to remind you that there is still fight left in you. You are being sent strength to face up the challenges and being reminded that you can and will persevere. Keep your chin up and create the change that you want. A great foundation has been laid hence do not give up.


Have you been feeling judged by others? It’s time to move on from old patterns, habit’s and fears that have been restricting you for some time. Do not take criticism to heart as this is the foundation on which you are building your life. Think bigger dream bigger. Walk in the direction of your ambitions and be bold. Things may seem slow moving but these slow times are preparing you for the pace and growth which is yet to come.


Don’t be so willing to let bygones be bygones. When there is no respect on the table it is time to move forward. No ne can help us till we take the first step ourselves. People from the past can be popping up but be very discerning about who you want to let in. It is time to bring in the new stuff, by throwing out the old. A million new opportunities are opening up for you, choose well and wisely.


Life is always turning and change is the only constant. There may be big changes for you ahead, some welcome and some not so welcome. The world is full of opportunities so you got to keep searching till you find the one that you are looking for. The warning for this week is - if something seems to be too good to be true then it is probably not what you need. Keep your wits with you as you may be scammed or taken advantage of.


The mantra for this week is one thing at a time. At times we pay too much attention to small things and completely lose track of the bigger picture. The call to action for this week is to focus on one specific task/direction and avoid distraction from others. Instead of trying to multitask deal with matters one by one. You will thank yourself in the end.

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