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Saturn Sadesati/Dhaiya— Zodiac who are going to smile

Saturn Sadesati/Dhaiya— Zodiac who are going to smile

Saturn is a very karmic planet and when it comes with its Sadesati cycle (7.5 Years)/Dhaiya(2.5 Years) theme then it activates past life pending karma,prarabdh and ensures that we complete the same. However when it invokes the actions the person feels lot of struggle, setbacks . Normally it is said to be bad times which in reality is the best time for us if we understand his lessons and engross in life. You will notice the maximum amount of growth is always seen in Saturn mahadash/Sadesati etc but as it happens slowly and gradually, we don’t like it because of our impatience/short cut vision,limited understanding etc.

Nevertheless, let’s see who all are going to get away from the tough karmic eyes of Saturn. Following Zodiacs will get relief from Saturn sadesati and Dhaiya –

On 17 Jan 2023 Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius and hence Dhaiya will end for Libra and Gemini.  For Sagittarius Saturn Sadesati will end.

You still have few days to complete the remedies, in case if you have not done during sadesati or Dhaiya. I recommend completing the remedies of saturn as per your chart. Do not leave it as saturn is very karmic and impacts us.It keeps questioning and teaching us in some or the other form like through goacher,conjuction ,antardasha,Mahadasha ,aspects etc





           “The Path of Life”

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