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Mercury retrograde in virgo-Prediction-10 Sept to 2nd Oct 2022

Mercury retrograde in virgo-Prediction-10 Sept to 2nd Oct 2022

Mercury retrograde in virgo-Prediction-10 Sept to 2nd Oct

10th of Sept’2022, the planet responsible for speech, language, intelligence and communication, reasoning abilities, business, commerce, financial institutions, accounting and banking etc

 retrogrades in the sign of Virgo and will remain in the same state till 8.41 AM of 2nd Oct’22. It has major impact in our life for the significance mentioned above, depending upon the condition of the planet in your own chart.

We should not fear retro motion of the planet rather understand that it will have higher impact positive as well as tough, being close to us. Good placement in the chart makes easy to manifest the results and tough placement demands higher effort to grab the fruits. This is the only difference, hence do not see it from the prospective of good or bad.

Lets see how it is going to impact your Ascendant and Rashi. Please check from both your rashi as well as ascendant to understand its results.


  • Health, enemies’ needs attention as it may cause several temporary diseases as well as enemies. The enmity will come in light, specially at profession. Work on improving relationship at work, smartly.
  • Trusting blindly on anyone will cause harm.
  • Success in long lingering projects.
  • Students will perform good.
  • Good job opportunity may knock your door and you may get one. Good time for Advocates, judges and people engaged in dispute management. Business people will perform excellent.
  • Unwanted mental stress will convert into health issues related to skin and cough.
  • Avoid eating outside and cold/reheated food.
  • Finance will improve.

Remedy – Feed cow daily.



  • Average results but positive financial position.
  • Behave well with kids, business partner and your love.
  • Improvement in relationship.
  • Child birth or conceiving on cards. Students will do well.
  • Do not opt short term trading, crypto etc.
  •  Avoid disputes and maintain good relationship with spouse.
  • Break up will convert into patch up.

Remedy – Wear copper coin.


  • Good transit for Gemini. Bestowing name,fame,status.
  • Increase in stress at work but you will solve all hindrance and progress.
  • Harmony in family. Family outing
  • Increase in comfort, land, property, vechile etc. You may beautify your house.
  • Combination of overconfidence and under confidence in students will disturb their studies. Seek support from your guides.

Remedy- Do not wear green cloths.


  • Be careful while talking any call and control on your speech. Your network circle will increase.
  • Your words meaning may be taken wrongly.
  • Documents should be placed in proper order and at work do not approve any document without checking. Do not trust blindly or you may land up in trouble.
  • Avoid signing any deal this time and if you need to do so be very careful and read every line carefully.
  • Enemies, rivals waiting for you to do mistake.
  • Do not mess with your boss or initiate any communication which may perplex and backfire on you.
  • Travelling will be painful.

Remedy – Take dip in Gangaji or put water in your bath tub and take bath.


  • Disharmony at home,family and wealth prospective.
  • Taking loan will not help rather create issues in the future.
  • Expenses will increase.
  • Your worker may damage your reputation. Maintain good relationship with your neighbor and business friends.Your harsh actions or speech will make your life tough.
  • Avoid investment in land, property etc during this time or else big loss may happen. Buy property after 2nd oct and the property should be very close to your house and east facing property.
  • New business or business investment will go well but in coming future. Students will do good.

Remedy- Worship devi durga.


  • Success in career and at workplace.
  • Gain of name, fame, status at work.
  • Rivals will try to harm you, so be careful .You will win.
  • You might see changes at workplace, be vigilant and cope up quickly.
  • Seek advice from your spouse. Before doing any work.
  • Do not argue or have difference of opinion from your spouse.
  • Control your speech.
  • Do not make any major changes in your career or else issues in long run.
  • People in media, communication etc will do well.

Remedy- Stop non veg and drinks.


  • Increase in anger will impact your luck and wisdom.
  • Do not hurt others feelings.
  • Negative transformation in life is seen.
  • Hard work at workplace will give you success. Do not share your plans.
  • Enemies are conspiring against you, be careful.
  • Dispute with father and bosses.
  • Avoid unwanted expenses
  • Maintain harmony at home as well as work by listening other opinion.

Remedy- Donate and respect transgender.


  • Harmony and happiness at home but health issues for yourself.
  • Support from the peers at work but your speech may create disputes.
  • Reduction in income. Stuck money will come back.
  • Working /Businessman both will be able to achieve their task and profits.
  • Good growth and target achievement for people in sales and marketing.
  • Network circle will expand.
  • Avoid being in wrong company of people.

Remedy – Touch the feet of your parents daily morning and offer prayer to lord sun.


  • Relationship, partnership at work and business will get impacted negatively.
  • If you maintain good relationship then awards and rewards on cards. Do not be arrogant after having success, as it may damage your reputation.
  • Family related and personal life related issues will vanish if you control your actions, dominance and speech.
  • May find love of your choice and may get into love affairs.
  • Married couple relationship may go sour.


Remedy – Use green curtains at home.


  •  Success in legal matters.
  • Promotion, job change and transfer will make you happy
  • Happy times in family.
  • Losses if you travel till 2nd oct.
  • Students in higher education will do good.
  • Students will do good in exams. Working professional will clear interviews.
  • You will enhance your spirituality
  • Govt employees will do well and they can also get promotion or transfer.
  • Benefits in land deals
  • You will be able to sell a long pending property at good price, specially if you are in related business.


Remedy – Wear green color cloths and do durga kawach


  • Impact will be experienced in love,kids and relationship.
  • Take care of your parent’s health. Lack of good bonding with them
  • Low on energy will feel exhausted and confidence will go down. Take proper and timely sleep.
  • Do not take loans and avoid any investment.
  • Stocks trading etc will put you to losses.
  • Stay away from loans, disputes and legal activities.
  • Spend quality time with your love partner as the time will give you option to create a good bonding.
  • People looking to go abroad for studies may get their dream come true.
  • Take care of your health.

Remedy- Keep rain water on terrace.


  • Manage your marriage, business partnership properly as trouble can rise here.
  • Good financial condition
  • Be careful in signing any documents. Do not blindly trust on anyone and read every line before you sign any document.
  • In laws may trouble you.
  • Tough times for students and you guys may experience loss in memory power. Consume soaked almond daily.

Remedy- Listen to Vishnusahatranam.