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May 2022 Horoscope Prediction: Check Your Zordiac sign Now

May 2022 Horoscope Prediction: Check Your Zordiac sign Now



·Parents will be happy as their health will go well this monthy.

·Take a control towards your eating habits as your stomach/Abdominal parts is getting weak and will encounter diseases.

·If already going through skin/nervous system related issues then it will reactivate. People who do not have any such issues may get skin issues in the month of May’22.

Professional Life-

·New Job on way

·People who are unemployed will get new Job.

·In case you have applied for PR or Foreign Jobs, it can come true.

·Foreign trips for Business and Job will yield good result.

·People working for Land property, media, Machines, Restaurant will do well.

·Your ideas/strategies will be considered at your work place.

·Relationship with Bosses will go well but keep limitations with your colleagues. Do not involve in any gossips or lose talks.

·8.Good time for students for studies

Finance –

·Focus to enhance your financial status as I see a good time for earning good amount of money. The time is favorable for earning money.

·Expenses will increase but in purchasing new items or replacing old household items.

·Property will get rented and if looking for sale, a profitable deal can be signed.

·Do not invest money in this month.

Personal Life-

·Love relationship may not go well and the stretch of friction may lead break –up. This will happen mainly because of your fluctuating, immature harsh behavior.

·Do not get married this month, if you are trying to convert your love into marriage. Ok for only arrange marriage.

·Married couples- Thought the heat is very high outside but you seems to be going for holidays at some pleasant location.

·Love/ Kids and creativities, ideas, stocks may not behave as expected which will make you to feel low.

·Take a control on your speech, especially in the second half of the month to avoid any conflicts at office as well as home.

·Keep your character clean.

·Chances of pilgrimage

Favorable days of the month- 1, 4,5,12,14,15,20,22,23,28

Unfavorable days of the month- 2,7,9,16,17,25,26,31


Taurus –


·Need to take proper rest to arrest the trigger of health related issues.

·Do not work late night.

·Mother health needs attention.

Professional Life—

·Will get benefit in business and work post serious amount of struggle. Get Satyanarayan katha at home for increasing auspiciousness.

·If in spiritual professions like Medical, doctor, teaching, minerals, then you will progress well and will go extra miles in your career.

·Workload at work will increase.

·People at senior level at your work will trust and support you.

·Reward, name, fame at work.

Finance –

·Unexpected gains.

·Good time to invest in Business. Friends, family and relatives will act as a promoter, but few may get betrayed as well out of confusion.

·Financial disputes or issues will get resolved.

Personal Life-

·You will make new friends and your network circle will expand.

·Finally your love affairs will have your family approvals.

·Will get the love of your life partner/Love partner if you offer the same to them.

·Arrange pilgrimage for elderly members of your family.

·Do not force your opinion thinking you are absolutely right. If adamant the serious complications.

·Accidents on cards.

·You will buy gifts for your kids or love.

·Ancestor wealth, property issues because of confusion in discussion.

·Do not start any new activities or work till 10th May.

Favorable days of the month- 2, 3, 7,8,12, 14, 16,17,24,25,26,30,31

Unfavorable days of the month- 1, 4,5,9,13,18,19,27,28


Health- Health is wealth and a healthy body can only make a healthy mind, so choose to discuss about it first-

·Covid19 or viral infection may happen. High fever.


Professional Life—

·If you are a financial/Banking/Income Tax/IRS professionals ,then the month is going to be very good for you.

·Opportunity to participate in foreign/MNC projects.

·Business will expand.

·May’22 demands high focus on your targets.

·Stay away from female friends/ office female co-worker.

Finance –

·Control your expenses.

·1 to 7 May and 27 to 30 May’22 more favorable(Check the favorable ,unfavorable dates coming between).

·After 15th May be careful on any investment/Business you do.

Personal Life-

·Chances of sudden accidents, ups and downs.  Seek advice and permission from family before doing any work.

·Love and harmony in family.

·Your futuristic vision will help you to take some important call of life.

·Harmony in married life is expected.

·Do not be careless and invite trouble for you at work or business.

·Maintain good relationship with friends.

·Do not sit idle. Laziness is going to be the biggest enemy after the 1/3 of the month.

·Humiliation on cards hence takes care of your actions.

Favorable days of the month- 1,4,5,9,10,16,19,25,26,28

Unfavorable days of the month-2, 3, 12,13,17,20,21,30,31


Cancer- Shani Dhaiya – Issues in ancestors property.



·Take care of eating habits as health issues related to stomach and bones are seen.

·If already under such influence then it will create more trouble.

·Mother health will not go well.

Professional Life—

·You may need to travel for work/Business which will bring good results. If its for interview ,then success in interview is seen.

·Will be able to carry multiple task together and your efforts will be recognized .

·Happy times from professional prospective.

·Opposite sex will be impressed because of your work and will see you as a good leader. Few will have the advantage where this attraction may get into love relationship.

·Real estate work will yield good results.

Finance –

·Medical expenses are seen to incur in the month of May’22.

·Be patient, financial condition will improve post 15 May.

·Do not share your ideas as well as personal life with others.

·Do not offer or take loans.


Personal Life-

·Life partner will show love and care for you.

·Tough or sad situation in in-laws house.

·Overall first 15 days of the month not good for you.

·Maintain good relationship with all and do not blame others.

·You may perform charity which will be good for you.

·Children will do well in profession and exams.

Favorable days of the month- 1,3,7,8,12,13,19,20,28,29,31

Unfavorable days of the month-4,5,9,14,15,23,24




·Health condition will show improvement.

·Health issues to siblings.

·Take care of your eyes.


Professional Life—

·High effort and stretch at work is required. New job on cards.

·Aggression, go getter attitude is required for People working in creative, film, tv, media,e-com,fintech industry.

·Politicians will get growth or higher responsibility, positions.

·Addition in income or new resources of income is activated.

·People engaged in film tv and looking for platforms like Indian idol, master chef, dance Indian dance etc will get opportunity and people engaged in reels ,short videos at different social media platform will rise.

·Support form peers group at work

·Salary hike.


Finance –

·People in foreign nations will suffer till 15th May

·Financial conditions will be average still you may buy a new vechile.

·Loss in agriculture

·Do not invest in stocks this month.

·Winning in litigation.


Personal Life-

·You will like and participate in social events.

·Harmony is seen in family life. Happy ceremonies.

·Legal matters will resolve, mainly in first or third week after 15 may.

·Respect elders.

·Issues with children.


Favorable days of the month-3,4,9,10,14,15,20,21,24,29,31

Unfavorable days of the month-7, 8, 12, 16,17,25,26




·Reduction in mental anxiety, confusion and tensions.


Professional Life—

·Arguments/fights with rivals/enemies but will attain strong position at work and hence avid any argu, friction at workplace with anyone.

·Spouse may get promoted.

·You will get a new job

·Keep a watch on your enemies.

·Hotel, Luxury industry guys may not do well.


Finance –

·Do not borrow or lend money to anyone and be careful ,if it becomes important. Debts may increase this month.

·Take a control on your expenses and do not stretch beyond your buying capacity.

·Stock market will give good returns.

·Avoid investment in property.


Personal Life-

·May get into love relationship.

·Romance will return back in married life.

·Will be in fun and enjoyment mood but keep the purpose of relationship clear, do not hide anything.

·Your wisdom will take a new turn.

·Second half of the month going to be good and bring good news.

·Few of you may get humiliated.

·Pilgrimage on cards but journey may be tiring.

·Change of residence.

·Do not rely on gossips and messages of people.

·First few days of the month may look stagnant ,unfavorable


Favorable days of the month-4,5,8,12,13,16,17,24,26

Unfavorable days of the month-1,5,9,10,15,18,19,27,28




·Drink good amount of water before stepping outside as you may get sun stoke and fever.


Professional Life—

·People who are unemployed will get Job.

·A big success on the way from career prospective

·Rahu triggers to start new business and also marriage.

·You will work on your shortcoming and progress.

·Manufacturers or people who started manufacturing business will do excellent but will not be satisfied with such good gains.

·Keep temperament in check or else it will spoil your work/Business ,at the point when profits or benefits was expected.


Finance –


·You will manage your finances with your intelligence and senses and will solve the issues in the second part of the month.

·Do not start new work without investigation .Do not hurry.


Personal Life-

·First week of the month not good as there can be issues/losses in partnership business.

·Vacations and Pilgrimage.

·Harmony and peace in family.

·No hurry or quick calls in love relationship. Think ,give time before you take a final call.

·Married couples will feel lazy, dull and monotonous.

·Children will be the cause of expenditure.


Favorable days of the month-1,7,9,10,15,18,19,26,28

Unfavorable days of the month-2,3,5,12,13,17,20,21,23,30




·Innosomia, anxiety because of improper sleep.

·Do not eat junk and spicy food.

·You will feel pain, accidents or stiffness in your limbs.

·Opt Yoga and meditation this month.



Professional Life—

·You will be able to crack interviews and get new job.

·Export import business will yield good results.

·Covid became a reason of business sunset, but this month the energy of the planets are supporting to restart the business again.

·Relationship with higher authorities will become strong.

·Peers group will be helpful.

·Your innovative thinking will yield good results.

·IAS and other UPSC cadre guys engaged in administration will face lot of troubles, hindrance but will be able to settle it by end of the month. They need to ensure that they do not opt short cuts or immoral ways to fix it.

·Politicians may give unprecedented speech or foul speech which may create issues for them. Take a control.



Finance –

·Good Financial conditions if dealt with patience and maturity.


Personal Life-

·Family will attain peace,happiness and prosperity.

·Maintain moral values.

·Do not hurt anyone and maintain good relationship with your father or else trouble on the way.

·Students engaged in technical studies will face issues.

·Siblings and friends will grow.


Favorable days of the month-2,3,10,11,12,16,17,21,22,30

Unfavorable days of the month-4,5,7,14,15,18,22,27




·Avoid cold freezer water, as throat infection may happen.

·Weakness hence adds proper diet to your daily meal.

·Can get covid19 but not dangerous.


Professional Life—

·Appreciation by top official.

·Law firms, judges, advocates will do well, mainly till 15Th may.

·Govt guys will solve some long lingering matters.


Finance –

·Profit in business.


Personal Life-

·You may look for renovating or decorating your home and attain material pleasure.

·Dispute of ancestral property will be resolved.

·Your wisdom and intellect will show its effect. Interest in art, music, literature etc.

·Married couple/Love couple conflicts will end but initial week not good. May go on a trip with your love partner.

·Achievement of hopes and desires which took a back seat long time ago.

·Will have the opportunity to spend time with family and close friends.

·Do not put your ideas, direction in every matter.

·Stay away from cunning and sugar coated untruth people.

·Do not speak harsh.


Favorable days of the month-2,4,5,12,13,14,18,19,22,24,30

Unfavorable days of the month-2,7,8,16,17,25,28





·Visit a doctor if you feel any health issues. Do not ignore.

·Take proper rest.

·Pain in neck.

·Health of mother needs attention.


Professional Life—

·Big success in professional life.

·Relationship with people working under you will improve and get stronger.

·Name fame, status in society. Last weeks favorable.

·Enemies at workplace will increase looking at your achievements.




Finance –

·Profits from stock market.

·Good finance but increase in expenses.

·Be careful while buying vehicle.


Personal Life-

·Open up with your father.

·Married couples will get attracted towards each other.

·You may feel to separate from your love relationship.

·Do not shout or create tensions at family.

·Second half of the month good for spirituality ,Yoga, meditation.


Favorable days of the month-4,6,8,14,16,17,20,21,24,26

Unfavorable days of the month-2,5,9,10,18,19,23,27,28


Aquarius –


·Perform Yoga, meditation and visit mandir frequently.

·Health will improve by last week of the month


Professional Life—

·Your boss will realize and give you the importance.

·You will see rise in enemies at workplace.

·Your employees will not work as per your expectations and their behavior will make you upset.

·If engaged in Govt related work, you will accomplish the task on time.

·Will like to acquire knowledge of new subjects.

·You will do well in higher education.

·If working for hotel or food or restaurant, you will do well.

·Your capabilities will be visible to all.

·Foreign trip or foreign job.

·New Business deals on cards.


Finance –

·Good financial conditions.

·Increase in expenses

·You will earn from share market.


Personal Life-

·Behave well with your family members and do not get hyper to prove or force your point.

·May unwanted get into legal troubles and hence stay away from disputes.

·Family responsibilities will be fulfilled.

·Keep patience and agree with the feelings of your partner.


Favorable days of the month-1,6,8,9,10,16,18,19,23,24,27,28

Unfavorable days of the month-2,5,12,13,20,21,22,29,30





·Health conditions not good. Few may have to go for surgery.

·Starting of the month may not go well from health prospective.



Professional Life—

·Expansion in professional life, promotion or change of workplace.

·Transfers of Govt employees.


Finance –


·Will earn very good from business.

·Buy insurance policy if you need it.


Personal Life-

·Avoid unwanted journey.

·Good news from In-Laws house.

·Harmony at home.

·Will meet some old friends.

·Stay away from bad friendship.

·Chances of house purchase but be very careful and do proper investigation.

·Support your life partner finance.

·Love relationship will go excellent and this month you can make your love partner, life partner, means marriage can get fixed.


Favorable days of the month-2,3,10,12,13,19,20,21,25,26,30,31

Unfavorable days of the month-1,5,7,14,15,17,22,23,27


God bless your month with full of happiness and success.


By Abhishek Sinha( Astrologer)


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