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Mars Transits 10 May effect on all Rashis

Mars Transits 10 May effect on all Rashis

Mars Transit In Cancer (10 May 2023)

Transit Period – 10th May 2023 to 1July 2023

Mars is considered to be debilitated in the house of his friend Moon and hence this transit becomes very important from mind and courage prospective. The planet responsible for bestowing us with courage, boldness etc is getting powerless. Lack of courage etc develops lot of negative emotions in us. Awareness and smart management can help us to deal with the transit effectively.

Let’s see how this transit is going to effect your Lagna/Rashi-


Work on your impulsive attitude/speech specially at home/family as the planet is trying to uplift and bring back the harmony at your home, married, workplace life. Your attitude, argument and harsh words may create serious situation at your workplace. Increase in income if the energy of mars is balanced well and directed in right direction, instead of wasting time in find way outs to satisfy your baseless ego. Its the time to fix and excel in your career by introspecting.You can buy vehicle. Take care of your parents and keep a balance between work and family life.


Maintain good relationship with your siblings and peers to activate a better energy of the planet. You may get your hand injured and your siblings may go through health issues/struggle. Do not argu or gossip at your workplace. Increase in social status. Interviews will be cleared and you may have to travel.


Work wise not a great time. Control your speech and behavior at workplace as well as with your family members. Take care of your food habits as it may become the reason of health issues. Good results in business and Job after sheer hard work and by controlling your impatience.


Anger /anxiety control is required. Problems with blood impurity, anemia, or blood pressure may be encountered. Financially good time. Income/status will rise.


High amount of mental stress. Rise in expenses and pressure on your finance .If Looking for foreign opportunities, foreign settlement, it’s going to be a good period. Tough married life. Court cases /interviews in your favor



Reduction in expenses, rise in profits. Good wealth .Time of wish fulfillment. Will spend time with your friends and family members and suppress your enemies. Romance will flourish but married life will get strained.


Good for people looking to make career in sports. Need to balance your work and life balance. Avoid messing .Do not fight or else losses will occur. Expansion in business and Job. May get additional role/work. Disharmony and tension in marriage/ relationships. Students will get engaged in extracurricular activities.


Financially an average time. Relationship with father may not go well, so as his health. Travel will be painful. Parents’ health may worsen if not taken care on time. New Job/New Role/Transfer/Change in job on cards. Maintain good relationship with friends /peers/siblings.

Sagittarius –

 In case looking for some ancestral property ,you may get one or it can get fanalised.Drive carefully as accidents/fights are seen on cards. Stressed married life. May have to go to court. Relationship with in laws will not go smooth. You and your Fathers health will get impacted and may cause financial stress, but there will also be opportunities to get money unexpectedly. You may be able to obtain some long-pending ancestral property. Be careful while communicating as people can frame some other meaning of your statement.


Students focus on your studies. Opportunities for business growth. Stay calm and avoid being anger to gain good results in this transit. Married life needs attention. Your spouse's attitude might be impulsive/arrogant.Your hard work will provide great rewards.


Rise in expenses but good time from Job prospective. Deals will get finalized, reward and recognition on cards. Do not get into wrong association. Enemies will lose and you may need to travel for large deals for your organization.



Looking for foreign studies then this transit can help you to achieve. Strain in love relationship/Marriage relationship. Can lead toward separation. People looking to conceive, may get stressed because of negative results. Students will face struggle. Do not act in hurry or will incur losses in academics. Financially a good period. Change/Transfer of job is possible with this transit.

God bless you with happiness.




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