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Attract money through plants

Attract money through plants

Manifest and attract Devi Laxhmi, wealth energy by aligning certain plants. This will help to channelize the right set of energy around you, creating right path for you, will help you to do right karma in right direction at right time. Obviously if you are able to do so, the wealth port will open and you will get the blessings of Goddess Laxhmi and Lord Kuber.

Below are the plants to channelize wealth energy at your home. Please place them as instructed -

1. Money Tree – It’s also called Crassula plant. You need to keep this in front of your house. There are certain combination in astrological chart where placing plants in southwest is dangerous. Everyone can’t check that hence do not place it in southwest direction.

2. Bamboo- Very commonly available and looks good from decoration prospective as well. In our ancient time, it was considered to provide good energy to sustain the lineage (Wansh).

Get this plant placed indoor in northwest direction of the house. Do not place it in bedroom.

3. Money plant- Well known and commonly available. Easy to plant. Even if you take a cutting from anywhere and plant in water it will grow. In my opinion the plant has a lot of life energy, and well connected with several elements of the environment and hence it hardly needs any attention. It’s a self motivated plant in my view.  Place the plant in northeast corner indoor. Ensure it’s placed in water and not in mud pot.

4. Pomegranate- This should always be placed outdoor. Place the plant in front of your house. Plant and feed in such a way that it starts giving fruit.

5. Shoe Flower- The plant aligns with wealth energy in north or east, hence plant it in north or east direction outdoor.