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15 May Sun transit effect on all Rashi

15 May Sun transit effect on all Rashi

Experience the Solar Awakening: Sun Transit in Taurus on May 15th, 2023! Get ready for an astronomical event as the Sun transits from Taurus to Gemini, staying in Taurus for one month from 15th May 2023 at 11:32 am to 15th June 2023 at 6:07 pm.

On 15th May 2023, at 11:32 am, the planet Sun will transit into the zodiac sign of Taurus, where it will remain for around one month. This is the time when Taurus natives will experience the influence of the Sun on their lives. During this period, the Sun will be in beneficial position and its positive energy will bring with it many benefits like improved health, increased wealth, better relationships and harmony in work.15th June 2023, at 6:07 pm, the Sun will change its course to its friends sign Gemini..

Taurus is a fixed sign, ruled by the planet Venus, with the element of Earth. When the Sun transits in Taurus, it brings about many significant events and opportunities. The individual experiences a boost in their leadership potential, ambition and passion. This enables them to accomplish their goals more easily and effectively. With the Sun in Taurus, the individual will be more combative and tenacious in their pursuits. This energy can be used to make great strides in their career and personal life.

Let’s see how Does Sun Transit Impact Each Zodiac Sign--



You can argue with your superiors as you put a lot of effort into achieving your professional goals. Keep your attention on your work while acting politely at your office.You can try to adhere to the rules rather than take a pragmatic approach, but keep in mind that practicality is more crucial. It's possible that you will get a headache and a fever during this transit. Students born under this sign will benefit since their efforts will yield excellent results. Your work and romantic connections will both succeed. Children's life will experience success and advancement. The transit empowers your verbal expression. You must be cautious when communicating with others since you can become vehement and bitter. In order to avoid emotionally upsetting the other person, you should choose your words carefully.


You will put a lot of effort into your profession, and the government sector will reward you financially. Your family will receive more of your attention, and you will support them while treating everything as important. You could, however, also grow a sense of ego, which could cause you some sort of issue. Disharmony in marriage relationship. Frequent illness, health issues like headaches, migraines, or high blood pressure. Competitive exams/interviews would benefit for people born in Taurus. The ego clash must be prevented. Although the others around you could find it difficult to comprehend you, your mother will provide you with certain advantages. You'll also purchase something opulent.


Increase in spirituality. You may suffer from eye pain, headache, body pain and lack of sleep. Enemies will win, Friendly relations with colleagues will bring you benefits..Work-related plans travel is possible.. If working in MNC then good times ahead. Family members will have an opportunity to go abroad. You might experience discomfort. Whatever work you start, you might run into challenges and barriers. You might develop some misunderstanding with your siblings and you should try and make sure that they are cleared in time. Caution while making new friends as they might give you financial trouble to you..


Salary rise, promotion, financial benefits is the spotlight of this transit. Senior authorities will support at your workplace.Achievement of hopes and desires. Will increase your network circle with and will add influential people in your group. Close relations with these people will help you a lot in your work. Harmony in married life and changes to conceive for people looking for the same. Kids will be happy; love affairs will result into marriage. In love affairs keep ego side or else this transit will damage it badly. Long cherish desire will get fulfilled. If looking  to buy vehicle, you will easily purchase it. Do not act arrogant with your partner. Stomach related issues


Both Government and private sector employees born under Leo sign will get benefitted. Enemies will get defeated and job interviews will be cleared. Disharmony is seen in family life. Rise in name, fame, status. Good health. Take care of your family demands.


Spotlight on religion, Good Homam, achievements, rise in luck, long travel, foreign travel, transfer etc..Victory everywhere. Relationship with father,elders,bosses  needs attention.


The transiting is not great for you.Keep your things intact ,specially while travelling as you may lose some important thing.Pitt in body will rise and will create health issues,like skin-related problems, fever ,stomach and venereal issues might come to the front. . Amid this period wellbeing issues might exasperate you.To shape up your finances you need to work very hard. Use your logic and investigate the surrounding properly as this act of yours can give you victory. Avoid show offs. Time management very important for you during this transit.


Anger will spoil your married and professional/business life. Travel for business/job will bring good results. You may accomplish a great position in your work Your work will get affirmation as well. Ubiquity will be there for you and your social status will get solid. You might get a government notice related to your trade.Marriage proposals will come amid this time from a presumed family. Health issues like sunstroke, sunburn, cholesterol, and apprehension might exasperate you. From a budgetary perspective this period will treat you well. You may come in contact with a few persuasive individuals which will lead to advance in your trade.


Winning competition/legal cases, suppressing enemies, paying off loans, clearing interviews on cards. You will join Gym or Yoga or some illness healing technique. Rise in career. Stuck money will get recovered, Govt favor will be make you happy (Like Govt Job etc).Kids will do well.


Will get connected to influential people.Your mind will look for knowledge and you will start researching on things. Increase in spirituality.Love relationship will be average. Do not show your dominance or it may break. Pregnant women should take special care. Invetemenmt will bring good gains. Good finance. Will change the job with good package(If looking for ). Health will not be good. Take care of your stomach. Good time to do moonlighting (Part time job)along with your current job,if your organization allows

Aquarius –

Arrogance, anger, impulse will reverse all the good results of this transit. Mother’s health will suffer and your elevating reputation will diminish. In case looking for marriage, connect with your family members, they will help you with good marriage proposals. Will spend money on luxury for home. Work life balance important in this transit. Hard work done in the past/currently will yield good results for sure. Bad married life but your partner may get this fixed, if your extend a little support. Business guys should look for creative, new language, new country(Non English speaking countries) which will give benefits to them Govt employees may get some perks and private sector employees who is qualified for certain benefits like stock options,shares,vechile,house etc may get one. Students will do well.


Sun will spotlight and brighten your courage and valor. Rise in career. May need to change or take transfer in job. Tough time with siblings. Travel possible. You will receive good results of your exams. Your spouse will do well and I suggest take him/her along with you in your business trip /Pilgrimage, it will fall in your favor.





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